Highlights Reel

You know when you watch your favourite sitcom, and they have one of those episodes where the cast reminisce fondly of times a gone, and basically they just cut and paste a whole bunch of jokes from previous episodes that you've most likely seen? Well... I'd say there are 3 likely reasons for the producers deciding to do one of these 'best-of' shows. 

1: They're lazy bastards, who all want to go on holidays, sip Bloody Marys on the muddy banks of the Wishkah, and laugh at the stupidity of humankind. 

2: They're cheap bastards, who don't want to spend another dollar on scripting, shooting, editing and airing a program, when they could be sipping Margaritas on the sandy shores of Juan le Pins, and laughing at the stupidity of humankind. 

Or 3: They're busy bastards, spending 80 hours a week playing catch-up, and trying to juggle life, work, and a flaming baton while singing "We Will Rock You" and balancing on a unicycle.

Can you guess which category I fall into? :)    

Here are some of my favourite pics from the last few weddings I've shot. Enjoy!

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