Holly & Jake

You know how sometimes you meet people and you just click? You feel like you've known them since you were in utero, and conversation flows like a raging torrent. That's Holly and Jake.

When describing their wedding to me, I knew it was right up my shady alley. Personal, unique, romantic, and with a hefty sprinkling of the quirk-factor. I mean, how many brides do you meet who make their own bouquets completely out of buttons they've found in second-hand stores? Not many... if any. And what's that you say? Getting married on a property, so you're wearing cowboy boots instead of stilettos? Bring it!

This wedding certainly had it's own personal flare, but what really struck me was that it genuinely was a family affair. Held on Jake's family property, the whole day came together thanks to the help of friends and family. From the decorated bridal van, to the drunken bogans, this wedding really took me back to my roots. And reminded me, it's not about arriving on horse and cart, and getting married in front of 4 billion people (did I mention this wedding was on the same day as 'the Royal Wedding'?), it's about spending time with the people you love, and having one hell of a good time! And that's something that Holly and Jake did not need to be reminded :)

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